Laura: Senior

Laura is a kindhearted bundle of joy! We began her session at Campbell United Methodist and then finished at Hebrews Coffee and Lake Springfield. She loves the Lord with all of her heart and is sharing His love with people all around the world. Laura recently went on a missions trip and has returned back to Springfield safely. Enjoy!



Italy | Part IV

Part IV begins with our tour in Milan, Italy. We visited the Milan cathedral, and low and behold, it was the most beautiful cathedral I have ever seen! The next day we visited Bellagio and shopped for most of the afternoon. The scenery was breathtaking! From a distance, we saw George Clooney’s home (gray and white house next to the clocktower). Right as we finished shopping, it began to downpour! Although we ended up running across the city to get to our hotel, we all had a fun day in the city of Bellagio. Enjoy! 


Italy | Part III

I am back from Orlando and ready to show you more photographs from Italy! While we were visiting the team toured many cathedrals, cities, and even went to see The Last Supper. Unfortunately, I was not allowed to take photographs in many of the cathedrals or when we viewed da Vinci’s work. In the middle of the week we shopped around Venice as well as took a gondala ride. The city was beautiful and we will always remember our fun ride through Venice. You will also view more photos of the children from the VBS. I cannot get enough of how cute they are! I hope you are enjoying this series! Part IV will be up in a few days! Thanks for viewing! Enjoy!


Italy | Part II

Here are a few more shots from my week in Italy! Here you will see a series of photos from the children at the VBS, sightseeing around Padova, Italy, The University of Padova, and one of the first Jewish ghettos. Our tour guide informed us that this part of town is the most expensive part to live in Padova. One photo shows a gap between two living areas. This house was knocked down, and it is the only one that was never restored. If you have not taken a look at Italy | Part I, I highly encourage you to take a few minutes to browse the images. Thanks again for following my blog! Enjoy!


Italy | Part I

For the past ten days, I have been a part of documenting the beautiful sights of Italy and the children attending the Kingdom Rock VBS at the ICF church in Padova. The Evangel University tennis team along with a few others traveled thousands of miles to help show the love of Christ to these children who have come mostly from Nigeria and the Philippines to start a new life with their families. Over the next few days I will be adding more photos to the blog. Enjoy!


-End of Part I-