Miranda & Lauren: EU Graduates

I could go on and on how these girls continually impact my life in a positive way. I am truly blessed to have them as some of my closest friends. Miranda is spunky, fun, outgoing, loving, caring, and beyond gorgeous! She has a contagious laugh and always knows how to light up the room. Lauren is a finance major and is dedicated to her studies. She has a beautiful smile and beautiful hair! Lauren is tenderhearted, joyful, funny, intelligent, and lovely. She is always someone who is willing to stop what she is doing and be there for a friend. Here are a few shots from their graduation session. Enjoy!



5 thoughts on “Miranda & Lauren: EU Graduates

  1. Beautiful pictures of Miranda and Lauren. Glad you took the pictures of them. They should be voted as the most beautiful fashion models. You are such a good photographer! Thank you so much. I am Miranda’s grandma. RoyAnn McCabe

  2. These photos are amazzzing ! Literally. I love how Hannah can capture the beauty in any person while showing a piece of her creativity and the models personality. Hannah is a dime in a rough! Use her and you will not regret it!

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