Jessica and Dalton O’Conner

I had the opportunity to photograph Jessica and Dalton’s wedding last month. Both of them are so sweet and I had a great time getting to know each one of them that day. Jessica’s dad officiated the wedding. It was a very special day for these two families. Jessica, you are a beautiful bride! I am so excited to see where the Lord leads you after you finish optometry school. Congratulations to the both of you!

O'Conner_008 O'Conner_009 O'Conner_012 O'Conner_013 O'Conner_016 O'Conner_017 O'Conner_018 O'Conner_020 O'Conner_021 O'Conner_022 O'Conner_023 O'Conner_024 O'Conner_026 O'Conner_027 O'Conner_028 O'Conner_030 O'Conner_031 O'Conner_032 O'Conner_035O'Conner_038O'Conner_040O'Conner_041O'Conner_042O'Conner_043O'Conner_044O'Conner_046O'Conner_047O'Conner_049O'Conner_051O'Conner_053O'Conner_055O'Conner_056O'Conner_058O'Conner_060O'Conner_062O'Conner_064O'Conner_065O'Conner_124O'Conner_125O'Conner_126O'Conner_127O'Conner_128O'Conner_129O'Conner_130O'Conner_131O'Conner_132O'Conner_133O'Conner_066O'Conner_067O'Conner_070O'Conner_071O'Conner_072O'Conner_073O'Conner_075O'Conner_076O'Conner_077O'Conner_078O'Conner_081O'Conner_083O'Conner_084O'Conner_086O'Conner_088O'Conner_090O'Conner_140O'Conner_142O'Conner_143O'Conner_145O'Conner_147O'Conner_148O'Conner_149O'Conner_150


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