Lauren and Jon

Lauren and Jon’s wedding was incredible. There were around 300 guests who came to support the two as they shared vows to one another on September 20, 2014. The cathedral is breathtaking and the reception was so fun. I think these photos speak for themselves. Thank you Lauren and Jon for giving me the opportunity to document your beautiful ceremony, families, and reception. I wish you two the best of luck and blessings for years to come. Enjoy!LJH_011 LJH_003 LJH_002 LJH_013 LJH_014 LJH_0031 LJH_0032LJH_037 LJH_049 LJH_047LJH_0279LJH_0278LJH_0277LJH_031 LJH_041 LJH_045 LJH_026 LJH_025 LJH_022 LJH_023 LJH_016 LJH_019 LJH_0296V7A98246V7A97786V7A97736V7A97566V7A97646V7A97626V7A97886V7A97976V7A98166V7A97996V7A98316V7A98656V7A98716V7A99036V7A99126V7A99266V7A99336V7A9975LJH_067LJH_066LJH_052LJH_060LJH_057LJH_063LJH_064LJH_069LJH_070LJH_075LJH_081LJH_0026LJH_0304LJH_0024LJH_0022LJH_0015


4 thoughts on “Lauren and Jon

  1. Wow, these are beautiful! Great Job! Talked to Jeremy last night and he is needing a profession head shot. Could you go up to KC and do that for him? ☺

    Jackie Eutsler
    Evangel University
    Alumni Office
    417-865-2815 x 7333

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