Tricia Swartz: Senior

Tricia attends Central High and participates in the IB program. She also participates in speech and debate, FBLA, as well as being part of the Springfield Youth Committee for Relay for Life. As of this June, Tricia was  appointed as the Chief Justice for the Missouri Girls State Supreme Court. After graduation, Tricia hopes to further her education and eventually attend law school. We had a great time taking her senior photos a few weeks ago at Drury University and Central High School. Here are a few shots from her session! Enjoy!

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Boysen Wedding

Lyndsi and I went to KHS together and became great friends. I had the opportunity to be the second photographer at Travis and Lyndsi’s wedding earlier in July. They started dating January 6, 2008 and married in the Historic Firehouse No.2 on Commercial Street in Springfield, MO. Congratulations Lyndsi and Travis Boysen! May your lives be filled with fun, happiness, and many adventures! Enjoy!

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Katie McCormick: Senior

A few weeks ago, I photographed Katie McCormick’s senior photographs. She is a swimmer at Missouri State Aquatics as well as a valuable member of Kickapoo’s swim team. She is really excited for her senior year, but is looking forward to a future at being a Mizzou Tiger. In Katie’s free time, she enjoys reading and watching all kinds of movies. Here are some of the gorgeous images from her session. Enjoy!

Bethany and Dave

Bethany and Dave have been engaged for six months and are planning their wedding for later this year. The two were introduced through a friend in a group outing to Rockin’ Ribs in Springfield, MO. They love going to coffee shops and spending their leisure time reading. Congratulations Bethany and Dave! Here is a sneak peak of your engagement photos! Enjoy!


Alivia Turning 1

Alivia turned one earlier this month, and is cute as a button! She looks like a little American Girl doll. I really appreciate the Everding family, as they have stayed loyal to HAP. Kelly and Nathan, I appreciate your loyalty, and could not be happier photographing your family for any occasion. Blessings!


Bethany Morgan: Senior 2015

Bethany is a senior at Central High School with a big smile and a bubbly personality! She is involved in concert choir and loves to read. Bethany started her session in front of Rivercut. Later we walked down trails and took some great photos by the river. Bethany is so sweet and I loved seeing her personality shine during the session. Here are a few shots from Bethany’s session. Enjoy.


Kristina Taylor: Senior 2015

Kristina is a sweet and beautiful girl! She is a tennis player at Kickapoo High School and is anticipating her senior year! She enjoys spending her free time at the lake paddle boarding and reading mystery books. Kristina is remarkably photogenic and a natural beauty. We ventured through Fassnight Park and downtown Springfield for her senior session. Enjoy!