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The Wilks

I cannot describe the amount of love Maryl and Bryce have for their two sons. These boys have been blessed with wonderful parents and a beautiful life. Get ready, because you are about to see the cutest kids in the whole wide world. Enjoy!

Wilks_001 Wilks_006 Wilks_004 Wilks_005 Wilks_007 Wilks_008 Wilks_010 Wilks_014 Wilks_013 Wilks_015 Wilks_016 Wilks_017 Wilks_019 Wilks_022 Wilks_023 Wilks_026 Wilks_028 Wilks_029 Wilks_031 Wilks_032 Wilks_033

Lauren and Jon

Lauren and Jon’s wedding was incredible. There were around 300 guests who came to support the two as they shared vows to one another on September 20, 2014. The cathedral is breathtaking and the reception was so fun. I think these photos speak for themselves. Thank you Lauren and Jon for giving me the opportunity to document your beautiful ceremony, families, and reception. I wish you two the best of luck and blessings for years to come. Enjoy!LJH_011 LJH_003 LJH_002 LJH_013 LJH_014 LJH_0031 LJH_0032LJH_037 LJH_049 LJH_047LJH_0279LJH_0278LJH_0277LJH_031 LJH_041 LJH_045 LJH_026 LJH_025 LJH_022 LJH_023 LJH_016 LJH_019 LJH_0296V7A98246V7A97786V7A97736V7A97566V7A97646V7A97626V7A97886V7A97976V7A98166V7A97996V7A98316V7A98656V7A98716V7A99036V7A99126V7A99266V7A99336V7A9975LJH_067LJH_066LJH_052LJH_060LJH_057LJH_063LJH_064LJH_069LJH_070LJH_075LJH_081LJH_0026LJH_0304LJH_0024LJH_0022LJH_0015

Jessica and Dalton O’Conner

I had the opportunity to photograph Jessica and Dalton’s wedding last month. Both of them are so sweet and I had a great time getting to know each one of them that day. Jessica’s dad officiated the wedding. It was a very special day for these two families. Jessica, you are a beautiful bride! I am so excited to see where the Lord leads you after you finish optometry school. Congratulations to the both of you!

O'Conner_008 O'Conner_009 O'Conner_012 O'Conner_013 O'Conner_016 O'Conner_017 O'Conner_018 O'Conner_020 O'Conner_021 O'Conner_022 O'Conner_023 O'Conner_024 O'Conner_026 O'Conner_027 O'Conner_028 O'Conner_030 O'Conner_031 O'Conner_032 O'Conner_035O'Conner_038O'Conner_040O'Conner_041O'Conner_042O'Conner_043O'Conner_044O'Conner_046O'Conner_047O'Conner_049O'Conner_051O'Conner_053O'Conner_055O'Conner_056O'Conner_058O'Conner_060O'Conner_062O'Conner_064O'Conner_065O'Conner_124O'Conner_125O'Conner_126O'Conner_127O'Conner_128O'Conner_129O'Conner_130O'Conner_131O'Conner_132O'Conner_133O'Conner_066O'Conner_067O'Conner_070O'Conner_071O'Conner_072O'Conner_073O'Conner_075O'Conner_076O'Conner_077O'Conner_078O'Conner_081O'Conner_083O'Conner_084O'Conner_086O'Conner_088O'Conner_090O'Conner_140O'Conner_142O'Conner_143O'Conner_145O'Conner_147O'Conner_148O'Conner_149O'Conner_150

Natalie Frerking: Senior

Natalie had a great senior session Saturday evening! She is heavily involved in both Springfield Little Theater and Centrals Theater. Natalie is apart of the chamber choir and concert choir. She loves to read, write, and play the piano. Natalie loves watching movies and aspires to own a movie studio when she is older. Here are a few shots from her session. Enjoy!

Tricia Swartz: Senior

Tricia attends Central High and participates in the IB program. She also participates in speech and debate, FBLA, as well as being part of the Springfield Youth Committee for Relay for Life. As of this June, Tricia was  appointed as the Chief Justice for the Missouri Girls State Supreme Court. After graduation, Tricia hopes to further her education and eventually attend law school. We had a great time taking her senior photos a few weeks ago at Drury University and Central High School. Here are a few shots from her session! Enjoy!

TS_003 TS_002 TS_005 TS_004 TS_007 TS_018 TS_019 TS_020 TS_035 TS_001fb TS_024 TS_023 TS_033 TS_014 TS_013 TS_010 TS_011TS_025TS_026TS_027TS_030TS_031TS_032